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Hardscape Services

Hardscape Services Maple Park, IL Interlocking Pavers Inc. has been at the fore of the paver design and installation space since 1984. Our team specializes in driveway paver installations and we have a very steady clientele in Saint Charles, Batavia, and Geneva.

It has been a matter of pride to complete scores of residential and commercial projects in Warrenville and Elburn, Barrington. Our paver driveway design and install projects have improved the appearance and functionality of landscapes in Naperville, Wheaton, South Elgin, and the surrounding areas too. The ranges of services we offer include:

Pool Decks

Your poolside relaxation and fun experience cannot be complete without a custom and well-designed pool deck. We design and build pool decks using different materials. Our professionally designed decks will not only increase your home’s aesthetic appeal, but also create a safe and easy to access the pool. We specialize in designing and installing decks using pavers, natural stone, and brick. Most materials can be used to complement your home’s architectural and landscape theme and style.

The right deck materials ensure optimal safety, allowing you to walk barefoot even when the surface is wet. We always focus on planning and creating pool decks that provide you all the space required for relaxing and lounging. From new deck installation to replacing an old one, we can handle all types of projects. If you have a large family, we can build a larger deck for additional activities such as dining and barbecuing. Read More About Pool Decks »

Outdoor Kitchens

When planning outdoor living areas and features, kitchens are a popular choice among homeowners. We have decades of experience in custom designing and installing semi-enclosed and open-air outdoor kitchens for properties throughout the region. No matter how unique and special your kitchen ideas and visions are, we can design and build them to your specifications. We will take all the key factors into account including client preferences, flooring, available space, need for equipment, fuel source, and more.

Our designers will spend time with you to learn about your needs and preferences before creating a custom project plan and design. You will also get complete guidance in making the right choice of materials. We work with different types of pavers, natural stone, and stone veneer to help transform your outdoor kitchen vision and dream into reality. Besides, we can add grills, refrigerators, coolers, pizza ovens, and other appliances and features to your kitchen for a personalized cooking experience. Read More About Outdoor Kitchens »


When looking for a functional and interesting way to plan your outdoor spaces, consider getting a paver driveway installed. Not only will it enhance the appearance and functionality of the available space, but will increase the value and curb appeal of your property too. Whether you want a classic looking natural stone paver driveway or a rustic looking brick one, we are the experts that can provide excellent design and installation services. Our professional and experienced design team will work very closely with you to ensure the design is in line with your vision and ideas. Read More About Driveways »

Fire Pits

Landscape elements like outdoor fire pits are an excellent way to add to the aesthetics and functionality of your outdoor spaces. A well-planned fire pit can become the focal point of your landscape. It gives you the opportunity to use your yard space even on cooler winter evenings very comfortably. We can design and install fire pits such as features with cooking grills, natural stone fire pits with paver surrounds and seating walls etc. We use weather-resistant materials in the work and make sure that the installation is handled with care and attention to detail. Read More About Fire Pits »

Entryway Pavers

Entryways are vital to your property’s value and getting them designed and installed by experts like us is one of the best ways to add to the curb appeal of your home too. We recommend the use of pavers in entryway installation because these materials are very resilient and durable. They are available in a range of colors, designs, shapes, and sizes, giving experts the flexibility to create unique and appealing entryways on your property. We can design your entryway in the manner you like to make it look more inviting or private, as per your requirements. Read More About Entryway Pavers »

Landscape Pavers

Creating landscapes that are unique meet your functionality needs and add to the curb appeal &value of your residential or commercial property takes experience and skill. This task entails meticulous planning, using appropriate materials and hiring experienced installers for the project. When you include pavers in the landscape design, it immediately uplifts the appearance of the spaces. Whether you want new pavers for your existing poolscape or need to install these units on a driveway, walkway or patio, we can handle the job for you. We use top quality paver products in our work and this helps ensure the longevity of the installations. Read More About Landscape Pavers »

Natural Stone

Natural stone is a very popular material for landscaped spaces. It adds a decorative and stylish look to the landscaping. We use natural stone in installations such as fireplaces, garden steps and walls fire pits, boundary walls, seating walls ponds and more. It can be used in features such as curbing, edging, countertops in outdoor kitchens etc. You can choose from stones of different varieties such as slate, sandstone, bluestone, travertine and more. Natural stone is strong and durable and lasts for a number of years with very little maintenance too. Read More About Natural Stone »

Paver Patios

The right patio design can make spending leisurely moments in the outdoor areas of your home very enjoyable no matter what time of the year it is. With our custom patio design services, you can rest assured that you will get the ideal spot to entertain guests or relax with your family. Pavers are low-maintenance require sweeping and hosing off once in a while, to keep them looking clean. They are impervious to the freeze-thaw effect and don’t get cracked like concrete surfaces do. Pavers are extremely durable and they also last for a number of years which means they provide value in the long term. Read More About Paver Patios »


Ponds add charm and tranquility to your property, but they need to be designed and constructed well. We have the expertise to design and install customized pond features on residential and commercial properties. Whether you want a casual looking pond or an exotic feature like a Koi pond we can provide the services you need. Our team will make sure that the pond blends in with your existing landscape style. We want you to enjoy the aesthetics of your stone pond, and ensure that the feature is low-maintenance too. We use our experience and expertise to create amazing installations at very competitive landscape pond cost. Read More About Ponds »

Special Features

Special features can add a very unique touch to your landscaping and enhance the appeal of even a very simplest yard or commercial garden. These elements can be incorporated into larger wall structures or could be standalone features like stone seating walls, lighting post bases, benches, or even art displays. We can design and build gate posts, entrance pillars, retaining walls and stone columns, outdoor BBQ surrounds, patio periphery walls, stacked stone garden walls, bridges, landscape boulder installations and other decorative elements. Read More About Special Features »

Paver Steps

Stone paver steps can enhance the appearance of your landscaping and make it look more stylistic and elegant. With professional and expert paver steps installation, you can get the kind of styling you want. We understand that you want all the features in your landscape to be of the best equality and design and that’s exactly what you get when you hire our services. Garden steps can be used to connect multi-tiered landscaped spaces or can also be built leading from an elevated patio to the yard. We can also design steps for other areas in your landscape and incorporate them into wall features if you like. Read More About Paver Steps »

Paver Walkways

Paver walkway installation by experts like the ones at our company is one of the best ways to add value and beauty to your yard. When we handle this project for you, we make sure that the paver design complements the design and styling or various other areas in your residential garden or commercial landscape. Pavers are an excellent material choice for walkways and pathways as they are versatile, available in a variety of colors and designs, styles and sizes. We can handle a new walkway installation project and even help upgrade an existing one. Read More About Paver Walkways »

Paver Walls

There are different types of walls that could be built on a property such as boundary walls, retaining walls, decorative walls and half height demarcating walls etc. We can custom design these features for you and make sure that these structures are resilient and strong. We use top quality paver wall materials in our work and the installation is handled by skilled and seasoned technicians. We make sure that the feature is functional, durable and aesthetically appealing too. Read More About Paver Walls »

We use our experience and expertise to create stunning installations on our clients’ properties at very competitive cost. If you are looking for expert paver contractors that will provide uncompromising quality, Interlocking Pavers Inc. is the company to contact. You can call us at 630-365-6386 to discuss your project details or send us your queries and quote requests via this Online Form.
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