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Pool Decks

Everyone enjoys relaxing by the poolside. It is a great pastime, but it requires much more than just having a pool to accomplish this. You will need a custom-designed pool deck to create the complete experience. A professionally designed deck can create an entertaining and functional space for you and your loved ones. It will provide you with the required space for relaxing while enjoying the cool and charm of the pool. Besides, a well-designed deck also makes it easy and safe to access the pool. Interlocking Pavers installs well-crafted, custom decks that enhance safety and access and the value of your property.

Designing & Installing Your Pool Deck

We take many factors and points into account when designing your custom pool deck. Some of the most important ones are as follows:

  • Pavers are widely popular for pool decks. They are aesthetically versatile and can be used in any landscape theme.
  • We work with different natural stones to match your landscape and home’s style.
  • You may opt for paving made of concrete, brick, or natural stone. We also specialize in working with permeable pavers.

We recommend the use of materials that stay cool under bare feet.

Our Pool Deck Services

Nothing beats a pool in your backyard when it comes to enjoying the summers outdoors. Water may be the most important factor, but it is the pool deck around it that makes the difference in how well you can enjoy the space. As mentioned above, the deck is also an important safety factor.

We design and install properly planned pool decks that provide ample space for lounging and relaxation. Besides, you will have a safe area for walking, even when barefoot. From installing a new decking to replacing an existing one, we can help with all types of projects.

Residential Pool Decking

You may want to add a deck around your pool or revamp your existing poolside area. From designing to the choice of materials to installation, we take care of everything. From the materials to the pattern, texture, and finishing, you can select all aesthetic elements for your deck. Our experienced designers will guide you in making the best choice for your pool.

Family Pool Decking

Do you have a large family? We always recommend a larger pool deck that can be used for all types of outdoor activities, including:

  • Lounging
  • Dining
  • Barbecuing

Many of our clients like to add a family-friendly pool deck to their property. The space will allow you to relax, enjoy food with family and friends, socialize, and make lovely memories. From decades of experience, we understand the unique deck requirements of all kinds of clients.

At Interlocking Pavers, we have the expertise, experience, resources, and dedication to creating pool decks that meet all your requirements. Our company, founded in 1984, is one of the largest, premier paving companies in Maple Park, Illinois, and the surrounding areas. We are a BBB and ILCA member and specialize in the design and installation of all types of paver, natural stone, and other landscaping and hardscaping projects. If you want to discuss your project with us, call us at 630-365-6386 or write to us from our Contact Us page.

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